Hyundai Is Taking to the Sky with Uber

Perhaps traffic congestion will be less of a problem. Of course, then there’s air traffic control. . .

GM Ready to Sell India Plant

General Motors is shutting down operations in India by selling its last plant there to Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motor.
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Owners Claim Tesla EVs May Accelerate Unexpectedly

Are Tesla electric cars spontaneously zooming off on their own?
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JLR Aims to Reshape Seat Fitness

In the middle of a long trip, motorists often feel the need to “stretch their legs” to relieve stiffness.
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VW Chief Call for “Radical Overhaul”

Volkswagen's CEO says the company will fade away without "radical" overhaul.
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FCA to Partner with Chinese iPhone Supplier on EVs

Proposed deal could help FCA in two big ways  
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Six Reasons Euros Might Like EVs

How are you going to get the people behind the wheel of an EV?
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9 Ways Additive Manufacturing Rises to the Advanced Mobility Challenge

Additive manufacturing (AM) is just one manufacturing method that drives advanced mobility forward and also has a history of embracing the digital connectivity demanded by this trend.
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Will There Be an Electric Hummer & How Would It Affect GM?

The rumor is that General Motors is going to bring back the Hummer.
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Porsche versus Ferrari in 1970 Retold

Drive, driver, driven
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Car/Ride Sharing

Smart Doors for Autonomous Vehicles

When cars go robotic, how will they know who to open their doors for? Answer: with doors that sense their surroundings, says Inteva Products CEO Lon Offenbacher.


Michigan's PlanetM Mobility Outreach

Michigan is promoting mobility development through its PlanetM initiative. Trevor Pawl, who heads business development for the initiative, explains.

Interiors & Electronics

Bosch Aims to Reinvent the Sun Visor

A bona-fide story of necessity being the mother of invention.  
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Intelligent Transportation

Toyota to Launch. . . a City

Rather than just trying to see how advanced mobility and robotics will fit into existing structures, Toyota is building a city to help determine how these things can be best integrated into people’s lives
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Magna Scales Back Autonomy Partnership with Lyft

Refocuses efforts on ADAS and semi-autonomous tech
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U.S. Ratifies NA Trade Deal

The U.S. Senate has quickly rubber-stamped the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement covering tax-free trade in North America.

Gentex Brings Smoke Detector Expertise to Cars

Supplier returns to its roots to enhance new mobility services
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Europe’s Car Sales Eke Out 1% Gain

New-car sales in Europe advanced 1% last year but could stall in 2020.


BYTON Wants to Take a Bite Out of Tesla

Fast moving China-based EV startup is putting the finishing touches on a 300,000-unit factory
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Interiors & Electronics

Bosch Announces Production-Ready Lidar

It has long been rumored and now it is officially announced.
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Bikes, Buses and Drones at SEAT

SEAT is improving its environmental footprint, in part by taking to the air
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“It’s a Circus Living with a Tesla”

Henry Payne, car critic for the Detroit News, talks about his life with a Model 3


VW’s Mobile Charging Robot Concept

Volkswagen is getting enthusiastic about the electric future