Can Radar Eliminate the Need for LiDAR?

UC San Diego researchers develop a radar-based system that could mean a more cost-effective approach to automated driving
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U.K. Auto Industry Faces $74 Billion Brexit Hit

Year-end deadline to avoid crippling tariffs.
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Ricardo N. America President Aims to Connect Students

Bringing hope and real-world experience to next-generation engineers

Rapid Prototyping

VW to Use Next-Gen Stratasys 3D Printer

Multi-material rapid prototyping that is 99% accurate to production parts


Do Plug-In Hybrids Really Measure Up?

Report says real-world carbon dioxide emissions are far higher than certified.


Freudenberg Doubles Up on Battery Pressure Controls

Non-woven fabrics enhance permeability and water tightness 

Fuel Cells

Hyundai and INEOS Advancing Hydrogen Use

While INEOS may be known to people in the auto industry as the company that is developing a vehicle that is boxy, utilitarian and retro-chic, there is more than a whiff of hydrogen about it, too


Are you ready to catch the coming EV wave?

The future of e-mobility depends on collaboration. Automotive companies will need to build business models based on strengths and limitations to tap into the EV value chain and fully capitalize on the opportunities within the new EV ecosystem.


The Case of CASE

A presentation at the Society of Automotive Analysts’ 5th Annual Mobility Innovations Summit
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IMTS spark

Explore IMTS spark

Additive Manufacturing for Production

3D printing may have started out as a rapid prototyping technique, but the machines and materials have matured to the point that production is not only viable, but desirable. Learn the basics of additive manufacturing for production applications.

Practical Approaches to Automation

Automation isn't just useful for large volumes of the same part. Today, it is increasingly being used in machine shops for high-mix, low-volume jobs.

Top Shops

The Gardner Business Intelligence and Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Program is both an honor for the shops chosen annually, and a benchmarking tool for all who participate. See how your business stacks up.

Trends in Parts Cleaning

The latest cleaning trends point toward environmentally friendly ways to clean effectively, involving the replacement of harmful chemical solvents within a cleaning process or switching to a mostly aqueous method.


Don Walker of Magna Talks About the Industry Now—and In the Future

Don Walker is CEO of Magna, a company that he has been with for 33 years. He’s retiring at the end of 2020 and talks to “Autoline After Hours” about the industry he has been instrumental in
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Autonomous Vehicles

Bridgestone America’s Approach to Mobility

The role that tires can play in autonomous fleets, the electrification of the OEMs’ products, micromobility and more on this “Autoline After Hours”
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Designing and Engineering the Lucid Air

Developing an electric vehicle—comprehensively and deliberately.
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Flexible Production Facilitated by Porsche

Porsche and partners have developed a system to simulate production operations that can provide cost-effective, low-cost output
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Materials & Lightweighting

Hyundai’s Innovative Approach for Innovative Developments

Accelerator program is looking for the expected—and the unexpected
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2021 Genesis G80 2.5T AWD Prestige

The importance of details in automotive design and execution cannot be underestimated
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GM Drops Support for Trump Lawsuit Against California

A glimmer of hope emerges for a single set of U.S. emission and fuel economy standards for all states.


Nexteer Tools Up Future Engineering

It’s full speed ahead for next-generation software systems


BMW Unveils the iX EV SUV

While it isn’t going to be available until early 2022, BMW wants to show that it is in the lux EV SUV space, too
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Work for General Motors—from Home

GM understands that in order to achieve its goals for electric and autonomous vehicles, it is going to start doing things differently. Quite differently for a classic manufacturing company
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CMM for Large Part Throughput

Measuring machine can handle parts like those typical in powertrain


Face Milling Aluminum Without Burrs

Sandvik has developed a face milling approach that is analogous to rotary broaching


CARB OKs Kandi

Looking for a small EV and live in California? Then the K27 may be the car for you.

Interiors & Electronics

2021 Nissan Rogue SL FWD Premium

Nissan’s latest Rogue knows what it has to do—and does it