Cadillac Intros Lyriq EV Crossover

Maybe this will bring more people into GM’s electric vehicle future
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Dhivya Suryadevara Leaving GM

She became the first female CFO in GM’s history.
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Autonomous Vehicles

Hyundai, Aptiv Get Emotional with Self-Driving JV

Partners aim to launch robo-taxi applications by 2022
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FCA Blasts GM’s Espionage Charges as “Despicable”

The posturing continues as both sides claim the high ground
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EV Owners Get Free Parking in Nissan V2G Demo

The Summer Olympics have been postponed a year. But that hasn’t stopped Nissan from opening its technology pavilion that features bidirectional EV charging stations.
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Fisker Plans to Have Ocean EV Made in Austria

Magna Steyr would begin production in late 2022
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Internet of Things

Mercedes Launches Extensive Digital Production Platform

Company plans to achieve 15% efficiency improvement through connecting sensors—and everything in between—to the Cloud


Cars, COVID-19 and Climate Change: Driving Sustainability Forward

Life cycle assessments show vehicles designed with lightweight aluminum result in reduced emissions without product sacrifices


Love and Cars

What a recent survey found about how Americans feel about brands
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Mark Del Rosso on Genesis

Genesis is undoubtedly the most remarkable success story in the auto industry—not quite yet five but racking up awards in a way that other OEMs can only be jealous about—and we talk to the man who runs Genesis Motor America
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Bronco Designer Talks Product Development

Here’s how the 2021 Bronco was designed to both look like and perform like a Bronco—the iconic 4x4, yet brought up to the moment—explained by Paul Wraith, the vehicle’s chief designer
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What You Need to Know about MBS 2020

Interactive. Fast-paced. Insightful. Convenient.


CAR MBS: Manufacturing Ops Need Better Tech, Experts Say

Equipment needs updating—as do the personnel in the industry
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Nissan Manufacturing Wish List

What are the sorts of things that people at Nissan North American manufacturing ops are looking for?
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Inside Audi e-tron’s Battery

Everyone wants range and quick charging capability. Audi brings it—through a clever cooling system
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Developer Touts 3D-Printed Batteries

Additive process promises to boost performance, speed production and lower costs


Isn’t it Ioniq, Don’t You Think?

Hyundai launches EV sub-brand, starting with 2021 “5” crossover
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FCA Readies Big Engine Recall

Creeping rise in emissions affects at least 1 million vehicles
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Sheryl Connelly Looks Toward the Future

While no one knows what the future will bring, as Sheryl Connelly explains, it is better to anticipate what might happen than to be blindsided if you don’t.
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Yes, Hybrids Still Matter

Hybrids—mild, full and plug-in—are likely to continue to be important as the automotive industry makes the transition to full electrification. An examination in three parts.
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3 Things with Danny Shapiro, Cheryl Thompson, and Stephanie Brinley

Three people. Three topics. Infinite insights.
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Mazda Shows Sales Strength

Maybe we’re not talking huge numbers, but let’s not underestimate the importance of good news
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Cylinder Deactivation Can Benefit Diesels Too

In this case, it’s mostly about reducing emissions—but fuel economy gains still add up. 
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Steering to the Future

Electric power steering systems have come a long way in a short time. Are steer-by-wire systems next?
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