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Published six times per year, our magazine, Automotive Design & Production is dedicated to providing automotive professionals—designers, engineers, executives—with the latest information related to what’s going on in the auto industry today—and what advances are being made as the industry transitions to one where vehicles are connected, autonomous, shared, and electrified. This coverage looks at the end products as well as the various technologies that go in to creating them, from digital tools to materials to factory equipment. Subscribe here.

Our Coverage

Design: We talk to the designers who create products and look at some of the tools they use

Production: There is an increasing array of technologies for manufacturing products, everything from IoT-enabled machines to additive processing equipment

Mobility: What are the approaches that are being taken to realize a different approach toward transportation? We find out.

Automation: Vehicles are becoming more aware of their environment. How is this happening and what are the key things to know?

Electrification: There is no question that the internal combustion engine will continue for some time—but there is also no question that there will be an important electrical component

Materials: We talk to the designers who create products and look at some of the tools they use

Advanced Technology: The auto industry is transforming from a material monoculture—one primarily predicated on steel—to a mixed materials approach.

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