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2017 Genesis G90 AWD 3.3T Premium

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There are two aspects to any car.

One is the real car.

One is what the car represents.

One is physical.

One is metaphysical.

2017 Genesis G90

While the first is what really matters because the characteristics of the vehicle are what gets you where you’re going with the features and amenities that you’ve purchased, there is always that secondary factor that often gets taken into account.

And this is particularly the case with luxury cars. In this case brand arguably trumps physical reality.

And if there is any Achilles heel with the G90, it is that it doesn’t have a badge from a German carmaker, which may give pause to some among the well-heeled. But for a sensible person, one who is capable of purchasing a luxury vehicle because they made money by being a sensible person, there is not a soft spot on offer here.

2017 Genesis G90

The G90 is a large, stately, stylish sedan. The G90 has sizeable dimensions, as in an overall length of 204.9 inches and a wheelbase of 124.4 inches, a width of 75.4 inches and a height of 58.9 inches.

The G90 has acres of Nappa leather on the interior as well as real wood and metal trim.

The G90 has a comprehensive suite of safety features: Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) with Pedestrian Detection, Smart Blind Spot Detection (SBSD) with Rear Cross-traffic Alert, Lane Keep Assist, Driver Attention Alert, Dynamic Bending Light with High Beam Assist, and a 360° Multi-view Monitor.

The G90 has a 365-hp twin-turbo V6 (or a 420-hp direct-injected V8) mated to an eight-speed automatic.

The G90 has drive mode selection (Eco, Smart, Sport, Individual) that adjusts the transmission mapping, throttle responsiveness, suspension, steering, and stability control.

The G90 has what they call “Adaptive Control Suspension,” which is based on Sachs/ZF suspension tech, which provides independent damping control in rebound and compression strokes, which means that even in hard cornering the car feels stable and solid.

The G90 has triple door seals all around, sound-proof glass insulation for all glass, thick carpet and headliner insulation, and other elements that make the cabin quiet.

The G90 has adjustable seats all around: 22-way for the driver, 16-way for the front-seat passenger, 14-way for the right rear seat, and 12-way for the seat behind the driver; the front seats both have heating and cooling.

The G90 has an audio system that features 17 speakers and a 10-inch subwoofer.

The G90 has a 12.3-inch screen in the center stack and a nicely knurled knob on the center console to make adjustments as needed.

The G90 offers three years of complementary valet service (timed along with the three years or 36,000 miles, whichever first, complementary maintenance), which means that when the car needs service, someone comes to pick it up from wherever and then delivers it back when it has been completed.

The G90 has a puddle lamp that is as striking at night as anything this side of the Bat Signal.

The G90 has proximity-based automatic trunk opening.

The G90 driven here, which was fitted with the HTRAC all-wheel drive system, has an all-in price, including freight and handling, of $71,550 .

The G90 has. . . .

Genesis G90

Well, the G90 has a lot of things.

And these things are orchestrated—inside and out—in a handsome manner. The exterior design of the car is certainly impressive. The interior design of the car is executed in a way that combines comfort, convenience and connectedness.

But it is a Genesis. Which may give some people pause. And that pause ought not last long because this is the real thing. Not a metaphysical thing.

That list of “The G90. . .” things ought to provide a sense of the substance. The solid substance.

Engine: 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, 365 hp// Transmission: 8-speed automatic//Seating: 5// Passenger volume: 113.2 cu. ft. // Fuel economy: 17/24/20 city/highway/combined mpg