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2019 Cadillac XT4 AWD Sport

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The 2019 Cadillac XT4 AWD Sport is quite simply the most “Cadillac” Cadillac available today. Yes, this is the smallest of the crossovers that the company has on offer, and it is not the flagship CT6 sedan nor the imposing Escalade SUV, both of which would arguably fit that Cadillac-ness box.

2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport

But the point is that the XT4 is right for the times in a way that neither of those other two vehicles are and it is really well done.

This may not be “Standard of the World” territory, but what it is is a vehicle that is executed in a way that it fulfills the requirements of a growing number of people who are looking for something that is small(er) and yet has all of the amenities of a luxury product. And for the most part, the XT4 checks those boxes.

2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport

What’s more, and what’s critically important, is that there is a solidity to the vehicle. That is, when you close the door there is a satisfying sound, not some tinny echo that occurs with vehicles that might seem as though they are vault-like in execution. (You’d be surprised.) And gripping the wheel of the XT4 and using the knobs and buttons, provide a sense of substance, as does the vehicle as it drives along the road.

For the XT4 Cadillac is using what it calls its “Y” trim strategy, which I assume means that it can go one of two ways: Sport or Premium Luxury. The latter means trim that tends to be shiny and the former biased toward black. Both are said to be predicated on a well-equipped starting point, with features ranging from LED lighting front and back to an all-aluminum 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with active fuel management and stop-start. (The engine, incidentally, produces 237 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque and is mated to a nine-speed automatic.)

2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport

And speaking of capability, there is room to carry things, which isn’t always the case for a small crossover. The cargo space behind the rear seat is 22.5-cu. ft.; should you fold the seats down, it goes to 48.9-cu. ft.

One thing about the XT4 AWD Sport that was surprising and not in a good way was on the window sticker. The MSRP before options of the vehicle driven is $41,795. Then there were options For example, there is the $1,500 “Cadillac user experience” option that includes an eight-inch, high-resolution color touchscreen in the center of the instrument panel that runs the Cadillac user experience; this execution of that system (which used to be referred to simply as “CUE”) underscores that technology advances because whereas it was once difficult and clunky, it is now easy to use and understandable. (According to Cadillac the system is “a dynamic platform that leverages the cloud to adjust personalization, navigation and other features over time to meet the changing needs of the owner”; I didn’t have the vehicle long enough to experience that, but it does sound intriguing.) And, yes, there is AppleCar Play and Android Auto capability. The package also includes a 13-speaker Bose audio system that is really audibly stunning. Then there is another $1,500 for the “Enhanced Visibility Package” (e.g., “Dual outside mirrors, power folding/adjustable, heated, turn signal, driver side auto dimming”); $1,550 for a dual-panel sunroof. . .and on it goes until, with the $995 for destination, there is a sticker of $57,135.

2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport

Again, I really like the XT4. I really think it is a swell vehicle. But I really think that the $57,135 is outside the realm of what this ought to cost. To validate my assumption I went to the Lincoln website and priced a 2019 MKC. I wonder if anyone at Cadillac did.


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