A Christmas Present for the Auto Epicure

As Christmas approaches ever closer, you might be at a loss as to what to get that automotive enthusiast.
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As Christmas approaches ever closer, you might be at a loss as to what to get that automotive enthusiast. Sure, you can get the coupon book for car washes or a set of floor mats, but what about something a little more special?

Like a limited-edition Cocktail Hamper designed by Sina Maria Eggl, Rolls-Royce Accessories Designer.


Like the motor cars, the Cocktail Hamper is hand-crafted from materials including American Walnut and leather found in some of the cars.

And like the motor cars, it takes more than a few hours to build: On the order of eight weeks. Yes, that’s weeks.

The glassware comes from Theresienthal. It takes a month for the glasses to be produced, as the glasses are produced in a process wherein the molten glass is blown into beech wood molds. The rims are finished with platinum.

Securely and elegantly fitted with the Hamper are: four decanters, four tumblers, a cocktail shaker, an ice bucket, ice tongs, a bottle opener, a knife, two sharing plates, napkins, six cocktail sticks, two food containers, four straws, a stirring spoon, a jigger, a muddler, a crusher, an atomizer, a strainer, a glass serving tray, and a chopping board.

Rolls-Royce is making the Cocktail Hamper available through its 130 dealerships located throughout the world.

Only 15 are being produced, so it may be too late.

But if they’re still available, know that in the U.S. the price is $46,328, £26,366 in the U.K., €31,515 in Europe, and ¥5,168,538 in Japan.

Bet that book of car washes is looking better and better. . . .

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