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A Concept Car for Good

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Concept cars are usually executed by automakers so that they can show what they imagine the future (nowadays really near-term) will look like.

The MySetta Concept is none of those things.


First of all, it was created by a supplier, BASF, not an OEM.

Second, it is not a vision of the future (although looking at it, then thinking about the Google car, it could be).

The back story is that BMW came out with a car in 1953, the Isetta. A microcar. It was referred to as a “bubble car.” (Sort of like the Google car, right?)

A few years ago, BASF bought a 1958 Isetta. Then its engineers set about to modify it with its materials, such as its waterborne paints (the car is painted “Big White” and “Bluetta”) and its Valure interior surface finish material, transforming the Isetta so that it became the MySetta. They also loaded up the interior with contemporary audio/visual equipment.

BASF has been bringing the car around to shows for the past couple years, but then decided to part with it by auctioning it off on eBay, with the proceeds going to Save the Children.

The car was purchased by EM.tec Design, the company that created the covers for the seats and interior lining with the Valure transfer coating technology. EM.tec Design’s winning bid was €26,099. BASF rounded up the sum to €30,000.

Clearly not a concept car in the usual sense by almost any factor.