| 12:41 PM EST

A Ferrari for Four

#HP #Ferrari


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While everyone knows that the vehicle architecture of choice right now is the sport utility vehicle, let’s face it: there tends to be little in the way of sportiness and a varying degree of utility.

While the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is anything but an SUV, the car does have the capacity to accommodate four people and, according to the folks from Maranello, the stylists at Ferrari design made sure that people (e.g., the roof lowers toward the back but not so much as to cramp the rear seat passengers) and cargo (“an ample luggage compartment”) can be readily handled.

Like several SUVs, the GTC4Lusso has four-wheel drive, the company’s own 4RM Evo system. However, they’ve done themselves one better by adding rear-wheel steering, which is useful when driving at speed (it has a 681-hp 12-cylinder engine, so . . .). 

In addition to which, they’ve added the 4.0 version of the Slip Side Control that incorporates the electronic differential and the SCM-E magnetorheological shocks. All of which mean that the car can reportedly handle snow-covered and other low-grip surfaces.

Of course, when you have a car that produces 514 lb-ft of torque, odds are good that you want that grip on all surfaces.