| 2:36 PM EST

A Lighter and Safer Door Locking System


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Locking systems maker Kiekert (kiekert.com) has developed a new safer and lighter automotive door lock system, which actively works to prevent doors from popping open in a crash. 

“Our integrated safety system reacts not to the impulse inertia and forces of acceleration, but to speed,” explains Karl Krause, Kiekert’s CEO. “Because the blocking mechanism in the latch is continuously active, we achieve a sustainable increase in safety, regardless of the directionality of the accident.”

The system, which is the size of two small match boxes, fits into the door latch, weighs 30% less than existing systems and provides weight saving options that could trim up to one lb. per vehicle, says Michael Merget, Kiekert’s executive vice president for global product development. Existing systems are built into the door itself. 

The company anticipates the technology will appear on various makes and models by 2016.—ZP