| 11:50 AM EST

A Little Orange Makes Black Yokohama Tires More Green

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According to the folks at Yokahama Tire’s racing division, normal racing tires contain little or no natural materials. Presumably, many of those materials—especially for high-end series—are things ordinarily associated with NASA or just deep-space exploration in general, possibly on craft not created by man.

Anyway, the folks at Yokohama introduced a tire last year at the 12 Hours of Sebring Race that contained 15% natural materials. This year they’ve bettered the ENV-R1 tire with the ENV-R2, which is 20% natural, using both orange oil—yes, that’s as in oranges—and natural rubber.

The orange oil-natural rubber combination—combined via proprietary technology—is called “Super Nano-Power Rubber.” Of course.

The ENV-R2 tires are the official spec tire of the Patrón GT3 Challenge by Yokohama and the ALMS GT3 Challenge (GTC) Class races.


What’s more, Super-Nano Power Rubber is also used in the company’s dB Super E-spec passenger tires.

Mark Chung, Yokahama director, corporate strategy and planning, said of the use of the ENV-R2 tires, “All the Porsche 911 GT3 cars in the two sports car series will be competing on tires that are superior to regular racing compounds… and they are Earth-friendly. That’s what I call eco-racing.”

Given that driving around on a track for 12 hours at high speeds and ending up—ideally—at the place you started probably isn’t the most environmentally friendly thing you can do, every little bit helps.