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A New Porsche Under $10K

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When people ask me what my all-time favorite car design is, without hesitation I say, “Porsche 911.” What other car can you think of that has had a consistently outstanding design for 50 years? And what’s interesting to note is that while some companies have had long-running models with versions that they’d like to forget, or long-running models that have essentially no continuity from one to the other except in name, the 911 has been the 911 since the start: there is continuity and improvement.


Which says a whole lot about the original design.

Now love it though I may, I also don’t have >$85K to spend on a shiny new 911.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that Porsche is offering new products in its “Driver’s Selection” range, vehicles that I could conceivably afford.

But they’re bicycles.


For example, there is the Bike RX, which doesn’t have a mere 8- or 9-speed transmission like a car, but a Shimano 20-speed. And some people boast about the size of their rims: this has 27.5-in. wheels. And how many production vehicles do you know of that have a carbon-fiber frame (let’s face it, a bike doesn’t’ have a body).

There are other bikes in the lineup, too. The Bike RS and the Bike. (Presumably the last-named doesn’t get a special designation because it merely has an 8-speed.)

The bikes are available on-line from www.porsche.com/shop.

But when I looked, I discovered a bit of a speed bump. The Porsche Bike RS—complete with 20-gear shifter, hydraulic disc brakes, carbon fiber frame, handlebars, stem, and seat post costs $7,999.99

That, too, is a bit much for a bike. Even if it is a Porsche.


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