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A Perfect Place for EVs

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Should you ever go to Paris, you must take a day trip out to the Château de Versailles, the magnificent palace that was opened in 1632.

A couple of tips before making the trip west from Paris to the palace. One is to make sure that is it open. We nearly left the train station when an announcement over the PA, en français, stated that there was a strike at Versailles, and it was closed for the day. The other is to make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes, because the whole area measures 67-square km, and while you’re not going to traipse the whole plot, once you hit the gardens, there’s plenty of sight-seeing to be done.

No, we have not suddenly become a travel site. Rather, this came to mind because Renault and the Château de Versailles have announced a partnership wherein there will be the deployment of 23 electric vehicles at Versailles.


Consider: the grounds keepers are faced with 43 km of gardens. There are 350,000 trees and they must plant 300,000 flowers.

You don’t want the putter and exhaust of internal combustion engines to disturb the ornate, bucolic surrounds.

Thus, the fleet of EVs.

There are three ZOEs for the service staff (these are the most conventional car-like vehicles). Ten Kangoo Z.E. vans for things like the aforementioned plants. And 10 Twizy vehicles, one of which will presumably be used not to ferry dirt or other objects, but possibly nobility of one sort or another, as its exterior design is based on the carriage that was used by Louis XVII before he ascended to the throne:


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