| 12:51 AM EST

A Stronger Aluminum Alloy from Novelis

High-strength aluminum alloy from Novelis has no compromises on formability, safety, or NVH


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The latest high-strength aluminum alloy from Novelis is 15%-25% stronger than current sheet products with no sacrifice in formability, crashworthiness or NVH attributes, says Ganesh Panneer, the company’s vice president for automotive, North America.


The alloy—Advanz 6HS-s650—is as much as 45% lighter than steel. The material targets structural components such as A- and B-pillars, safety beams, body floors and battery enclosures for electric vehicles. Panneer says S650 will make its debut in a production vehicle as early as 2023.

Visit Novelis Automotive to learn more about the company’s automotive products and innovations.


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