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About the Audi citycarver

It can handle more than the city. Somewhat.
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The second-generation Audi A1 was launched in Europe during the fall of 2018 (the first-gen appeared in 2010). The main difference from the outgoing model—in addition to up-to-date amenities of digital and physical natures—was largely dimensional. That is, the Audi Sportback grew “significantly in length,” an increase of 2.2 inches, making the vehicle 158.7 inches long. The vehicle is 68.5 inches high and not including the aerial, 55.5 inches high. There are a range of engines for the car, going from 95 to 200 hp, all turbocharged and direct injected.

Audi citycarver


What’s interesting is a variant the Audi has spun off the Sportback: the A1 citycarver. The word city in its name notwithstanding, Audi says that the vehicle “sports a robust, off-road look.” That’s right: a city car that looks like an SUV. In fact, the octagonal single frame grille is something of an homage to the Audi Q models. (For readers in the U.S.: no, it is not available here.)

However, it is not entirely show and no go. They elevated the vehicle so that it has two more inches of ground clearance than the Sportback. This is achieved through a new suspension that adds 1.4 inches to the height, with the remainder coming from the tires.

Audi citycarver


The body is painted so as to provide more of a capable appearance, as in the lower elements (bottom of the grille, side sills) being painted a stainless steel color.

Audi is open about its approach, noting that the A1 citycarver is capable of operating “in the city, on country roads and highways” and—and this is absolutely something that a lot of OEMs would never admit to regarding their vehicles that are seemingly robust—“even on slightly rough terrain.”

Slightly rough.