| 1:21 PM EST

Aero to Auto Insulation Material


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A silicate fiber-based insulation material that had its start in aviation applications is making its way to automotive. The material, ISOLITE XP, from the ISOLITE Group (isolite.de), is engineered to help improve thermal efficiency. One interesting aspect of the insulation shell is what they’re calling the “popcorn effect.” �

“ISOLITE XP behaves like a corn kernel upon heating,” said Matthias Kroll, managing director of the ISOLITE Group. There is a 30% increase in volume during the first heating in a vehicle. “Because of the increase in volume, a higher amount of air can enter the insulation body, resulting in a thermal insulation performance which is approximately 10% higher.  Simultaneously, this effect enhances the sound absorption by 25% compared to conventional acoustic insulation measures.”