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After Hours: Ho, Ho, Ho & No, No, No

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Today is Boxing Day. Or if you’re German, Zweite Feiertag. Or devout, St. Stephen’s Day.

Or if you’re interested in finding out what Mike Martinez, who mainly covers Ford for Automotive News, and Mike Wayland, who mainly covers GM for Automotive News—and who as a pair do the “Weekend Drive” webcast for, yes, Automotive News--, John McElroy of Autoline, and I think were the people and things in 2017 who deserve a pat on the back (present) or a kick in the backside (coal), then you’ve got to spend some time watching this edition of Autoline After Hours.

We talk about Mary Barra and Elon Musk. About Mark Field and Jim Hackett. About Demon. About crossovers. About Subaru. About the Lexus LC500. About Uber.

GM - Black Girls Code Partnership - Detroit Chapter LC500


Oh, and about—surprise, surprise—Elon Musk and the phenomenon that is Tesla.

If you want a bit of rejuvenation after spending that day fighting the crowds as you took back the awful sweater that you received from that relative that you’re convinced is color-blind (or has it in for you) or as you tried to corner the market on wrapping paper and cards for next year, this show is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Unless, of course, you’re Elon Musk.

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