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Alfa Romeo is a company with a storied history, one largely predicated on the racing prowess its vehicles and drivers demonstrated over the years, whether it was competing in the Targa Florio or Formula One. Some may recall that in the late 1980s/early ‘90s Alfa raced in the CART series, which put Alfas on the oval at Indianapolis.

The company is celebrating its 110th anniversary, and to mark it a new logo has been developed.

Alfa anniversary logo

New logo for 110 years of making speedy, stylish vehicles. (Images: FCA)


It maintains the serpent that is part of its traditional badge (it is known as the “Biscione”).

The arrangement and size of the numerals are said to represent past, present and future.

About that Future. . .

Speaking of which, the past and present vis-à-vis sales in the U.S. make it seem somewhat dubious that the brand may have a future post the PSA-FCA planned merger.

2020 Stelvio

The 2020 Alfa Stelvio: An extremely handsome vehicle the sales for which are surprisingly low.


That is, in all of 2019, Alfa sold 18,292 vehicles in the U.S. 8,704 Giulias, 144 4Cs and 9,444 Stelvios. That total number is 23% lower than 2018 sales. What is quite telling of the evident disinterest on behalf of U.S. customers in the marque is that the Stelvio crossover’s sales were down 22% and (1) it is a handsome vehicle inside and out, (2) it is a compact crossover and (3) it is a compact crossover. (Yes, that bears repeating, as compact crossovers are generally considered unstoppable sales-wise.)

That said: Happy Anniversary! (Or Felice Anniversario!)

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