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An Armored Bentayga

A whole new level of “driving safely”
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INKAS Bentley

(Image: INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing)

If you’re thinking about getting a Bentley Bentayga SUV but feel a little unsettled about the threat vectors along your daily commute, Canadian-based INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has you covered with a version that is fitted—with under armor and upgraded glazing--to meet CEN 1063 BR6 ballistic standards, which evidently means that it is capable of withstanding fire from AK47s and AR10s. What’s more, should there be two DM51 high-explosive grenades beneath the floor of the Bentayga that are simultaneously detonated, it can handle that, as well.

Yet, according to David Khazanski, CEO of INKAS, “this vehicle successfully protects its passengers from assault rifles and grenades, but does not behave too differently on the road from an unarmored Bentayga.”

Another aspect of tricking out the vehicle to withstand attack—one that is probably more important than the lightweight armoring in some ways—is that there is protection for the battery and electronic control module. After all, the vehicle features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and who’d want that to go while under fire from a 7.62-mm assault rifle?

A base Bentayga, according to TRUECar, has an MSRP of $167,725. INKAS provides quotes of what its upfitting will cost. Of course, if you’re someone who wants a Bentayga and figure that your life is in danger such that you’d need something like the version that INKAS provides, price would be no object.

One interesting thing we learned when looking into this: INKAS provides a number of armored vehicles. Including a Toyota Sienna minivan. Imagine.