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An Important Achromatic Color for Cars

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The BASF Coatings Div. conducts an annual global survey of the color distribution across the automotive market and it seems as though when it comes to the color of choice, the consumers are rather vanilla in their selection, as white is the color of choice by a non-trivial amount compared to the number-two selection, black: 41 percent vs. 16 percent.

And once you get below gray, at 13 percent, the remainder of the colors are all in single-digits.


A white 2019 Hyundai Elantra

Looked at in terms of segments, white holds first-place in very size but one.

Subcompact, 36 percent; compact, 49 percent; midsize, 39 percent; SUV, 38 percent.

The outlier: Large + large plus, where black takes the top spot, at 39 percent, compared to white’s 33 percent.

What is particularly startling is that for compact cars in the Asia Pacific region, white is the choice 66 percent of the time, with second-place black at a mere 8 percent.