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Angelina Jolie Gets Pimple!

Source: People.com OK.
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L Source: People.com

OK. That’s probably not true. But really, if she had a small pimple, would you actually notice?

Chances are, when you were of the Clearasil age, if you had the smallest zit on your nose you probably felt as though you could ace an audition for The Elephant Man. No one else paid any attention to it, but you were absolutely sure that you were facing the world with something the size of a cantaloupe on your face.

Honda has just announced that it is recalling 344,000 Odyssey and 68,000 Elements from the 2007-8 model years to modify the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) modulator.

Let me quote from the American Honda statement:

“Honda has received customer complaints of brake pedals that feel ‘soft’ or that gradually exhibit a pedal height that gets lower (closer to the floor) before the vehicle stops. In affected vehicles, this condition tends to very slowly increase over time.”

Note that the brakes still work. But suddenly people realize they have a pimple the size of the period at the end of this sentence. It has possibly been there for a while. But given all of those reports of the Toyota brakes. . . .

Honda’s explanation:

“Some VSA modulators were assembled in a manner that could allow air intrusion, making it possible for air to enter the modulator during the VSA self-check mode. While only a miniscule amount of air can enter the system during each check, over a period of months or years, the air will accumulate and can result in the ‘soft brake peal’ or ‘low brake pedal’ condition symptoms associated with this issue.”

To be sure, people should be fully satisfied with their vehicles. And people should be particularly concerned about safety systems.

But all of this is becoming a more than slightly overwrought.