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Another EV: Zero Motorcycles



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Chances are, when you think "electric vehicles," you proabably think about something with four wheels.  Which, for some people, is two too many.

Like the motorcycle enthusiasts of Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles, which offers a full range of EV motorcycles for both road and off-road use. The company has just launched its 2011 lineup, which will become available for delivery in March, which now includes new styling, 12.5% increase in power pack capacity for longer riding range, and a maintenance-free belt drive system.


The bikes use air-cooled lithium-ion battery packs and permanent-magnet electric motors. The bikes can be charged from 110- or 220-V outlets. There is a quick-charge optional upgrade that allows 100% charging in just 2.3 hours. Another option permits the bikes to be charged at J1772 public charging stations. The Zero S has a range, based on the newly adopted Motorcycle Industry Council’s prescribed “Driving Range Test Procedure for Electric Motorcycles,” based on the EPA’s Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule, of 43 miles on a charge.


All the bikes are based on aircraft-grade aluminum welded frames so they are extremely light—the Zero X trail-riding bike’s frame weighs just 14.8 lb; the Zero S street bike’s frame weighs 19.3 lb.


The Zero S has a top homologated speed of 67 mph. The bike is priced at $9,995, and as it is eligible for a 10% Federal tax credit, and who knows what else, selecting a two-wheel EV may be a way to go, especially as the Zero folks estimate a full change for the bike will set you back just 48 cents.

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