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Another Sign Things Are Improving

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Even the luxury car market took a proverbial shellacking as a result of the Recession. After all, those who buy vehicles with sticker prices that are more Nordstrom’s than Sam’s Club had their 401Ks hammered like everyone else. What’s more, some of these people probably figured that it would be bad form if they were to go out and get new wheels while others in their vicinity were thinking about whether by taking on a second job they wouldn’t need to continue buying generic Hamburger Helper.

But now the good news.

According to Ben Poore, vice president, Infiniti Business Unit, Nissan North America, sales of Infinitis are, well, if not following Buzz Lightyear’s admonition, still heading in the right direction. Up. Way Up.



In Q1 2010 overall Infiniti sales were up 14.4% compared to Q1 ’09. And in March, sales. It was even better in April: 46.2%.

The Infiniti G had a 51.4% increase in April sales, which is really impressive to consider until Poore goes on to point out that the 2011 Infiniti M saw a sales increase of 174.8% in April.




That may not be a whole lot of units (1,212, according to Autodata), but still.

Maybe things are not that far from Lightyear’s “beyond.”


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