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Another Supercar from McLaren Coming

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Word from McLaren Automotive is that the development of the McLaren P1 is well underway.

The company is using computational fluid dynamics and Formula 1-derived simulation tools (remember: McLaren is a key player in that racing series), as well as physical prototyping for the development of this vehicle, which is both a road car and one that can perform on a track.


Like the 12C, the P1 is a composite-intensive vehicle—in fact, it is even more composite-intensive than the 12C. Whereas the 12C has what is called the “MonoCell” chassis, the P1 is using the “MonoCage,” which builds on the cell by integrating the roof into the structure.

McLaren is working with a number of suppliers to optimize the performance of the vehicle, such as Akeobono on the braking system, Pirelli on tires, and Mobil 1 on fluids.

Here is a brief look at the McLaren P1-in-becoming:


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