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Artists and Inspirators Creatively Face Cancer

“Brushes With Cancer” show to be held at the GM Design Center Gallery starting September 25. And you can support this important undertaking


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Since it officially opened on May 16, 1956, the GM Design Center, part of the company’s overall Technical Center campus, has been the site of many remarkable vehicles that are the stuff of history books and buff books, designs that resonate among people walking through automotive museums as well as contemporary parking lots. The GM Design Center is a special place and the whole complex of studios on the Tech Center campus is staffed by a cadre of remarkable women and men.

Brushes With Cancer

Art show raising awareness of how women and men are facing cancer to be held at the GM Design Center Gallery, opening September 25. (Image: Twist Out Cancer)

On the second floor of the Tech Center Administration Building—a building, like others on the property, that was designed by Eero Saarinen—an art gallery was established in 2002. In the years since, there have been a number of exhibits in the gallery. Works done by Design staff and other employees. Work done by visiting artists.

Some of the most important work that will ever be on display at the GM Design Center Gallery will go up for a virtual show that will be unveiled on September 25, 2020 at 7 pm Eastern.

It is the “Brushes With Cancer” show, part of the Twist Out Cancer initiative, a volunteer-led organization that helps connect anyone touched by cancer with a broader community.

Artists & Inspirations

In the Brushes With Cancer program, “Inspirations”—“people who are previvors, survivors, fighters, and caregivers affected by cancer”—are paired with artists.

Kirk Roda

“A Tough Nut to Crack,” a work by artist Kirk Roda, whose Inspiration was Carol Garrett. Look very closely. (Image: Twist Out Cancer)

The combination leads to the creation of works of art that speaks of and to the participants’ personal journey with cancer.

Last year, Jeffrey Froggett, a senior graphic designer and gallery curator at the GM Design Center, attended a Brushes with Cancer program in Detroit. Not long before that he’d lost his wife to cancer.

So he set about to make sure that this year’s exhibition would occur at the GM Design Center.

Froggett: “The Brushes with Cancer program has helped me honor my late wife, Julie, and I am confident that the 25 pieces of art will be some of the finest art that the GM Design Center Gallery has ever seen.”

Art comes from the heart. This from the soul, too.

Tickets are available for the September 25 at the Twist Out Cancer website.

The 25 works will be displayed at the GM Design Center Gallery until Friday, October 30. They are being auctioned online, with proceeds going to Brushes With Cancer.

While many of us are focused on the pandemic, let’s not lose sight of the on-going scourge that touches so many each and every day.

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