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Aston Martin Builds a Vantage Roadster

This is not your father’s rag top.
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The Aston Martin Vantage, a Coupe introduced in 2018, is now available in the form of a Roadster. Or said somewhat differently: a Convertible.

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

Aston Martin has taken the Vantage Coupe and created a Roadster. (Images: Aston Martin)

The Vantage is not only an exceedingly attractive vehicle, it is one that is designed for performance, in large part through the use of a lightweight structure, consisting of an extruded bonded aluminum body structure with steel panels.

And of course there is the 4.0-liter, 503-hp twin-turbo V8 mated to an eight-speed ZF transmission.

Aero Advantage

Another important characteristic of the vehicle design is the aerodynamic arrangement. The front splitter directs airflow below the car, where it is channeled through a series of strakes on the bottom of the car. There are side gills that are integrated into the body and bleed pressure out from wheel arches.

There is a rear diffuser to create an area of low pressure at the rear of the vehicle and which keeps turbulence from being setup by the rear wheels.

Light, Fast Top

But about the convertible aspect. There is a lightweight Z-folding roof mechanism and a fabric top. It is rather lightweight, adding just 60 kg to the mass of the vehicle compared to the Coupe.

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

Drop the top in 6.7 seconds.

And the action of the top is quick: it can be lowered in 6.7 or raised in 6.8 seconds, and that can be done at vehicle speeds up to 31 mph. According to Aston Martin, the roof of the Vantage Roadster has the fastest full operating cycle of any automatic automotive convertible system.

Speed Is Relative

But it is rather interesting to put that top speed into context. That is, the Roadster accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Having made a run like that, the raising and lowering of the top might seem to be a minor lifetime.

The Roadster deliveries are to begin in Q2 2020. The MSRP in the U.S.: $161,000.


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