| 6:06 AM EST

Aston Martin Goes Racing

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As the LMP (a.k.a. Le Mans Prototype) racing series is about to begin in earnest, Aston Martin Racing has rolled out with an open-top LMP1race car powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine that produces approximately 540-bhp that’s mated to a six-speed semi-automatic pneumatic-shift Xtrac transmission to campaign in selected races in the season.

Designated the AMR-One, the vehicle features a carbon-fiber monocoque; the engine is load-bearing and has a steel frame to help provide rigidity.

The aerodynamics were developed using computation fluid dynamics from TotalSim. Aston Martin Racing has deployed PTC’s Creo Elements/Pro for the 3D CAD design of its racing vehicles and Windchill for product lifecycle management (PLM) in its race car division.

In all, six AMR-Ones will be produced for the season.

Asked about the selection of the gasoline engine rather than, say, a diesel, as Audi has done so well with, George Howard-Chappell, team principal, stated, “We have chosen to run with a six-cylinder turbocharged engine because we believe this offers the best potential within the petrol engine regulations. With the ACO’s [the Le Mans governing body] commitment to effectively balance the performance of petrol and diesel Le Mans entrants, our hopes are high that we’ll see the closet racing yet in the premiere LMP1 category.”

The car is 4,640-mm long, has a 2,930-mm wheelbase, is 1,990-mm wide, and has a minimum weight of 900 kg.