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Aston Martin Invests Big

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Figure this one out: In its 101-year history, Aston Martin has produced approximately 70,000 cars.

That is not a typo. There isn’t a zero or two missing. Seventy-thousand.


That said, the company recently announced that it is going to be investing £20-million—roughly $33.4-million—in its manufacturing facility in Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, which is also where the company is headquartered.

Keith Stanton, who heads up Aston Martin Manufacturing, said, “The improvements at Gaydon are a big step forward, and the development will enable us to streamline and finesse our manufacturing processes which, in turn, will allow us to be leaner and even more competitive.

“We have the vision of being the best producer in the luxury sports car sector and a new facility, along with the support of our flexible, highly efficient workforce, will enable us to achieve our goal.”


The investment will cover the building of a new chassis and pilot build facility, offices, and an extension of the existing parts and logistics storage area. It will be 10,000-square meters and is to be completed by 2015.

In addition to which, they’re planning more investment in products –presently Aston Martin produces the Vantage family, DB9, Rapide S, and Vanquish. Hanno Kirner, the company’s CFO, said, : “We have confirmed that the coming years will see Aston Martin implementing the biggest investment program in the 101-year history of the brand, with a plan to inject over £500-million into the company's next generation of high performance sports cars."

This undoubtedly makes Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Design Director, happy. He said that the investments add “important detail to our ambitious plan, and underlines our wholehearted commitment to continue to design and develop the world's most iconic sports cars through investment in numerous areas of design, engineering, manufacturing and technology."

Prior to joining Aston Martin in 2005, Reichman was director of Design for Product, Interior Design Strategy and Process for Ford North America.

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