| 7:12 AM EST

Audi GT4 Concept—For Now

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Although the GT4 that Audi recently presented is designated as being a “concept,” one developed by its Technical Development and Production divisions along with the engineers at quattro GmbH, it is going to become a production car for those who are interested in an out-of-the-box race car.


The car is equipped with a 340-hp TFSI engine, an S-tronic transmission with a differential lock, a modified production suspension with adjustable dampers, and 18-in. alloy wheels.

The hood, doors, and truck lid are made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The front and rear aprons and the rear wing are sourced from the production Audi TT RS (this is as close as we’ve come).


The car has a roll-over cage and a safety-optimized fuel tank. As this shot of the interior shows, this car is setup for some serious racing, not a Sunday in the park:


According to Audi, the vehicle is engineered as being for “affordable motorsport,” with an estimated price of €120,000, which is about $157,000. Of course, if you needed the currency conversion, you probably can’t afford one.