| 11:10 AM EST

Automated Measurement System Saves Space

Hexagon's qFLASH-A compact 3D optical measurement system: full-blown performance in a fun-size package. 


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Automated part inspection using optical sensors attached to a robot arm can provide throughput and quality assurance, but not all shops have the room for the traditional setup. So Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (hexagonmi.com) has developed the qFLASH-A, a compact 3D optical measurement system that measures just 14.6 × 10.6 × 10 inches, can be attached to a small robot arm—even a cobot—yet uses three 4.2-megapixel CMOS cameras with blue light LED illumination and dynamic slide projection technology for accurate and efficient dimensional data capture.

Full-blown performance in a fun-size package.

It delivers a high frame rate and wide dynamic range to quickly and accurately digitize freeform parts without surface treatment, preparation or the use of markers. 

Part features are accurately captured using advanced image analysis and edge detection engines, so users can obtain rich point-cloud data for a wide range of workpieces. Point-cloud spacing is from 0.0035 in. 

Because projection and image capture take place within milliseconds, the impact of workshop vibrations or changes in ambient light on the system is minimal to none, ensuring high-quality results whatever the conditions. This makes the system well suited to shop-floor applications, eliminating the need to move parts from the workshop for measurement. 

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