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AutoPacific: What the IVAs Say

  You might be surprised what OEMs aren’t paying attention to
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Volvo XC60

Volvo drives forward (Image: Volvo)

One of the things that is true is that when people like something they generally don’t say much about it because they are satisfied. But when they don’t like something—well, that’s entirely a different story. Which makes the AutoPacific Ideal Quality Awards (IVA) something entirely different when it comes to automotive awards, which generally are about upside.

It’s not that the IVAs are about things that are bad. But they are about “owner expectations and reality.”

Or as AutoPacific president George Peterson puts it, ““Giving owners a chance to tell us what they would change and how they would change it reveals which vehicles are best designed to meet their needs and expectations.”

Better design means fewer things to be changed.

One thing that is fairly surprising is that info/entertainment technology, interior quietness, power and acceleration, safety features and interior storage are Achilles heels—and have been. Peterson: “Overall, the percentage of consumers who want better performance in these areas is about the same today as it was three years ago, and these represent major opportunities for automakers to improve.”

Think about that. Infotainment, noise, safety, storage. OEMs are seemingly all in on their bringing in all manner of digital information and entertainment capabilities. How often do OEMs run ads pointing out their interiors are like “sanctuaries”? Or showing how their sensor systems result in not running something over? And whether it is a CUV or an SUV, the central word is “utility,” and how isn’t storage not utile?

And little difference over three years?

Seems like designers, engineers and product developers have a clear set of things that are eminently addressable.

Another truism is that what gets measured gets addressed, and there is nothing that gets more measurement than truck and SUV sales. Consequently, it turns out that these vehicle outperform cars “in most IVA attributes.”

As cars decline in sales, it might seem that it would be a good thing to over-index on features in order to bolster sales. But maybe some OEMs are simply satisfied to just be good enough, at most.

So, for those who meet the needs and expectations well:

2019 Ideal Vehicle Award Summary

Volvo XC60

(Image: Volvo)

2019 Overall Winner: Volvo XC60

2019 Most Ideal Brand Overall and Most Ideal Popular Brand: Ram

2019 Most Ideal Premium Brand: Volvo

Passenger Cars

Luxury Car: Lincoln Continental

Luxury EV Car: Tesla Model 3

Aspirational Luxury Car: Genesis G70

Large Car: Chrysler 300

Luxury Mid-Size Car: Nissan Maxima

Mid-Size Car: Nissan Altima

Premium Compact Car: BMW 2-Series

Compact Car: Honda Insight

Economy Car: Honda Fit

Sports Car: Chevrolet Corvette

Sporty Car: Dodge Challenger

Popular EV Car: Honda Clarity


Ram 1500

(Image: FCA)

Full Size Pickup: Ram 1500

Mid-Size Pickup: Honda Ridgeline

Luxury SUV: Infiniti QX80

Large SUV: Nissan Armada

Mid-Size SUV: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Executive Luxury Crossover SUV: Lincoln Nautilus

Aspirational Luxury Crossover SUV: Volvo XC60

Premium Compact Crossover SUV: Volvo XC40

Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV: Subaru Ascent

Mid-Size Crossover SUV: Subaru Forester

Compact Crossover SUV: Hyundai Kona

Minivan: Toyota Sienna

Luxury EV Crossover SUV: Tesla Model X