| 9:57 AM EST

Bentley Goes Green



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Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference is now underway in Copenhagen, but Bentley has announced that the Continental Supersports, the fastest Bentley in the lineup, capable of hitting 204 mph, is now arriving in showrooms as the first Bentley using FlexFuel technology.

That’s right: gasoline, E85 or any combination of the two. You’d think that it would need premium at the very least (or more likely some combination of liquid oxygen and RP1, a.k.a., “rocket fuel”).


In addition to which, the Supersports, which is produced at the Bentley operation in Crewe, England, is 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable.

Dr. Arno Homburg, head of vehicle development at Bentley stated: “Producing the fastest Bentley was a challenge in itself. However, we were equally determined not to sacrifice any environmental aspect in pursuit of this goal. The result is the paradox that the most extreme Bentley ever, is also the greenest.”