| 3:35 PM EST

Better Workflow Control


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Vero Software’s Edgecam 2014 R1 Workflow (verosoftware.com) software not only allows the application of toolpaths in a matter of seconds, it also addresses part setup, and stock and fixture management.  Users can select a feature on a component, then select what type of machining will be performed (rough, finish, or both).  A fixture manager monitors chucks and collets used for milling or turning automatically filtering fixture options based on the component size. There are a new chamfering cycle supporting 2D and 3D geometry, as well as a control to compensate for tool wear on 3D machining toolpaths for greater accuracy and control on tight tolerance components. A new “live job reports” feature allows users to access reports on-the-move with a laptop, phone or tablet.  And there are a variety of additional features, as well.