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Big Love for Big Vehicles


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Pity the poor sedan. Nowadays, crossovers and SUVs are all the rage among U.S. consumers, leaving the four-door with still a considerable portion of the market, but not a whole lot in the way of love.

This is underscored by new analysis from IHS Automotive, which shows that 63% of CUV/SUV owners who bought a new vehicle in the first quarter of 2016. . .bought another CUV/SUV.


Meanwhile, the comparable number for sedan owners/buyers is 53%. Just slightly above the average for all types of vehicles, 52.1%.

When it comes to luxury CUV/SUV owners, they know what they like and they like the body style they already have: 70.3% of those buyers in the first quarter went for another lux CUV/SUV.

Observes Tom Libby, manager, loyalty and industry analysis with IHS Automotive, “We continue to see the SUV/CUV segment reaching record registration volumes in the U.S. market. New designs and OEM marketing initiatives focused on capturing repeat buyers are helping this segment continue its substantial growth.”

And his colleague, Christopher Hopson, manager, North America light vehicle sales forecasts, thinks that this isn’t just a passing fad or fancy: “The high loyalty rates for SUVs and CUVs lend credence to the current shift from passenger cars to utility vehicles. We expect this shift to be sustained, even when fuel prices are expected to rise back above USD $3.00/gallon by 2020.”

People evidently love their CUV/SUVs.

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