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BMW Designs a Toothpaste Tube

You actually read that headline correctly.
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You actually read that headline correctly. And April Fool’s Day was yesterday.


BMW Group DesignworksUSA recently completed an assignment for Hello Products, which produces what is described as “the first-ever seriously friendly oral care line.” Short of dental instruments in a David Cronenberg film, most oral car products that one finds on a bathroom counter—like toothpastes and mouthwashes—tend to be at the very least benign, but DesignworksUSA created a lineup for the brand simply known as “hello.”

“When Craig”—that’s Craig Dubitsky, founder and CEO of Hello—“came to us with the concept for hello, everybody—from the president of DesignworksUSA all the way up to the global head of Design for BMW—got extremely excited by his idea to bring beauty and design to a category that’s lacking in both, yet is ubiquitous in our lives,” said Peter Falt, director, Creative Consulting, BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

Seems somewhat hard to fathom that those who are instrumental in the styling of things like The Ultimate Driving Machine could get “extremely excited” by toothbrushes, but there you have it.

Falt continued, “In the end, we created solutions that are unique to hello’s brand attributes, balancing premium and playfulness to bring beautiful, never-before-seen designs and fun-to-use form factors to an experience we all repeat every day.”

Or, as dental hygienists everywhere probably say regularly, “That we ought to experience every day.”

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