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A primary rationalization for the use of carbon fiber for automotive structures—like the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid vehicle—is that it is light, it can allow the creation of exotic forms like, well, the 2+2 vehicle in question, and it is quite strong.

Light, formable, strong.

Just the sorts of things that one might look for in their luggage, particularly if (1) they are going to be transporting their luggage in a >$136,000 i8 and (2) they buy their accessories from Louis Vuitton.


Just listen to Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president, BMW Group Design: “The use of CFRP [carbon fiber reinforced plastic] in the revolutionary BMW i8 sports car is indicative of an intelligent lightweight construction philosophy. And Louis Vuitton has demonstrated a similar belief in innovation, aesthetics and lightweight design in creating an exclusive luggage collection tailored perfectly to the new BMW i8.”

Yes, the Weekender GM i8, Garment Bag i8, Business Case i8, and Weekender PM i8 are all fabricated with carbon fiber.

Of course, carbon fiber may have a variety of benefits going for it, but hand-graspability isn’t one of them. So the handles are made of leather. As is the covering of the carbon-fiber based seats in the i8.