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Boosting Production at Porsche

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Although Porsche is part of the Volkswagen Group, it still operates its own factories in Stuttgart and Leipzig, and in the context of other OEMs, it is still something of a niche producer of products.

P Porsche Macan

Consider this: According to Autodata, in 2013 Porsche North America had 42,324 deliveries. Compare that with Subaru of America, generally considered to be a small player in the U.S: 424,683. That’s right: Subaru moved ten times as much sheet metal.

Globally, Porsche delivered 162,145 vehicles.

That said: How many employees do you think Porsche has?

P Engine assembly in Stuttgart 

As of March 31, the company reported last week, there are 20,416, which is up 15% from 2013. Just within the first quarter, Porsche added 960 workers, with the predominant number going to the Leipzig plant, where they have launched production of the Macan.


Production in Leipzig

Matthias Müller, chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, is confident that the people at Porsche are going to be busy: “Overall, the sales of Porsche will rise once more in the 2014 fiscal year. The market launch of the Macan will give us an addition boost.”


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