| 5:34 PM EST

Braskem, Kautex, Erema Partner to Showcase Circular Economy in Action at K2019

Live demos include the production of three-layer HDPE bottles with a foamed middle layer, made with bioplastics and PCR, as well as recycling the bottles on-site during K.  


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Extrusion blow molding machinery maker Kautex is partnering with resin company Braskem and Erema, which makes recycling equipment, to demonstrate a closed-loop processing system at K2019, Oct. 16-23 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Braskem will provide Kautex with its bioplastic “I’m green” PE along with PCR, which Kautex will use during the show to produce three-layer HDPE bottles with a foamed middle layer. 

Kautex decided to process the Braskem material due to a reported better processability and with less odor. The raw material for the demo bottles is derived from sugarcane, and the PCR comes from already recycled material. For every kg of I’m green PE used, more than 5 kg of CO2 is saved. In addition, the material usage is reduced by the use of foam technology and an additional optimization of the CO2 footprint is achieved, according to the companies.

Instead of handing out the bottles to show visitors, Erema will recycle the bottles on-site at the Erema Circonomic Centre, a word composed of “circular” and “economics,” at the outdoor area between Halls 11 and 15. Recycling will be demonstrated live with processing different plastic materials. More than 30 tons will be recycled during K, including the HDPE bottles produced by Kautex. 

By joining forces with Erema, the loop will be fully closed as they will showcase solutions for every single step within the plastics recycling process. This includes recycling technologies as well as software tools, and engineering and integration services for plastics recycling projects.