| 3:34 PM EST

Bright Idea for 2015 F-150

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Although most of the discussion around the 2015 Ford F-150 continues to be related to its aluminum body panels—it’s not that the F-150 will be the first vehicle with an aluminum body by any means, but it is the first vehicle that has annual sales greater than any other vehicle on the market* to be made of anything other than steel—there are some other things about the truck that are worth note. Like the LED lighting system. According to supplier OSRAM Automotive Lighting (osram.com), it is the first truck to feature a complete LED forward lighting system. High beam. Low beam. Light driver module. Turn module. Park module. Said David Hulick, global senior marketing director, Specialty Solid State Lighting, OSRAM SYLVANIA, “Not only did this new technology offer Ford an opportunity to redesign the vehicle’s front end, it is also an extremely durable system that is expected to last the vehicle’s lifespan.” OSRAM worked with Ford suppliers Flex-N-Gate (flex-n-gate.com) and DBM Reflex (dbmreflex.com) to develop the LED system.


*Although Ford doesn’t break out numbers for the F-150 and other F-Series variants, in 2013 the company sold 763,402 F-Series vehicles. Certainly the greatest number of those would be of the light-duty variety.