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Build Your Own Ford GT

Model car kits from Revell cost about $20.
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Model car kits from Revell cost about $20. Word is that the Ford GT is going to cost about $400,000.

Obviously, more people are likely to have the snap-together model than the bonded and welded version.


And for some lucky kids, the price of a Ford GT will be $0—the model version, that is.

Ford is giving away Revell Ford GT models at its exhibit at the North American International Auto Show, which opens to the public on January 16.

This model consists of 14 pieces that are snapped together.

“Letting kids build their own Ford GT is a great way to introduce them to the Ford brand and create new enthusiasts,” said Mark Bentley, Ford Licensing manager.

This auto show model will have a stamp on the bottom signifying that it is a special edition.

Brian Eble, Revell’s vp of Marketing, said that the company finds Ford products to be popular among the model building set that they serve: “From first time model builders to master builders; Ford products continue to be one of the most sought after subject matter for scale plastic model kits.”

In April Revell will be coming out with a more detailed Ford GT model. This will consist of twice as many parts.

And it is actually going to be something of a bargain, as its MSRP will be $14.99.

Let’s see. . .one real car or 26,684 models. . . .