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Buyers—But Maybe Not Loyal Ones

Things may be improving in terms of car sales as the year soon comes to a close.


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Things may be improving in terms of car sales as the year soon comes to a close. That’s an indication from iPerceptions Inc. which analyzes the behavior of visitors to vehicle manufacturer websites and then performs the appropriate analytics to figure out what is likely to be what.

Its Automotive Industry Report for Q3 2010 indicates that the number of people who indicated they’d be buying a car within a month was at 16.1% in Q3, which was a continuation of an upward trend: 14.4% in Q1, 15.8% in Q2.

So if things continue, then Q4 should be better than Q3. g

However, they’d also found that when it comes to brand loyalty, things aren’t so rosy. That is, they found that in Q2 31.4% of visitors to a website they were checking out a vehicle on owned a vehicle of another brand. In Q3 the percentage of those looking elsewhere jumped to 34.6%.

All of which seems to indicate that no vehicle manufacturer can take customers for granted any more.

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