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Callum Creates CALLUM

Last updated on 7/17/2019

What is designer Ian Callum doing post-Jaguar? Designing, of course.
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When Ian Callum announced in early June that he was retiring from Jaguar, where he was then Deign Director, effective July 1, there was a collective gasp among auto enthusiasts, given that in his 20 years at the brand Callum’s design skills had made a magnificent difference to the positive. It was one of those situations when he was evidently retiring at the top of his game.

And in just a matter of days since his official retirement date: “I wanted to get back to the essence of creativity; the challenge of producing something wonderful and personal,” Ian Callum said, and so he has established CALLUM, a design and engineering firm based in Warwick.

Joining him in the endeavor, which is to “create bespoke and limited-edition products across the sectors of design, lifestyle and travel,” are David Fairbairn, as program director, Adam Donfrancesco, as engineering director, and Tom Bird, as commercial director.


The CALLUM crew. (That’s Ian Callum in the back, wearing the blue shirt.)  (Image: CALLUM)

Fairbairn has more than 18 years in automotive, and his work includes the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type.

Donfrancesco worked on road and race cars for Noble; what’s more, there are the Aston Martin GT8 and GT12, as well as the Jaguar F-Type GT4 in his resume.

And Bird worked at PWC, Barclays. . .and Jaguar.

So it seems as though there is more than a passing automotive bias at CALLUM.

The team is based in a 20,000-square-foot facility equipment with technology that will allow them to design and prototype projects.

Callum on CALLUM: “In today’s modern world, collaboration is the catalyst for new ideas, and this is our ethos and inspiration, both within our team and as we look to work with partners in the future. CALLUM is an exciting new chapter that will focus on ‘Journeys to Destinations’, and all that encompasses.”

Hmm. . .journeys. . .cars. . . .

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