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Canadian EV Development Program Initiated



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Niagara Falls produces a whole lot of electricity. According to a site with all manner of fun facts about the history of Niagara and electricity,  http://www.niagarafrontier.com/power.html#Facts, the Falls are responsible for a quarter of all of the electricity used by New York State and the province of Ontario.

So it is not entirely surprising that GM of Canada is more than somewhat interested in electric power. (Canada has a lot of petroleum resources, too, but that’s another story.)

According to Kevin Williams, president and managing director of GM of Canada, “Vehicle electrification is a key pillar of our energy diversification strategy.” So to further that diversification, GM of Canada; Maplesoft, a Canadian company that offers high-performance design, modeling and simulation software; and a multidisciplinary research team at the University of Waterloo are partnering in a five-year, $10.5-million research program that’s aimed at crucial technologies that help result in the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs).


The research is supported by the Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) as the lead agency.  APC is contributing $3.6-million, in addition to $2.5-million from the Ontario Research Fund.

Williams said: “Building on our leading R&D commitments in Canada, this project better positions us to exceed customer expectations with respect to the performance, safety, and sustainability of our electric vehicle technologies.”

Dr. Tom Lee, Maplesoft’s vice-president, engineering applications noted, “This project will result in powerful new software tools that will speed up the design and analysis of electric vehicles.”

O  This is the Opel Ampera.  The European version of the Chevy Volt.  Cool, eh?

And getting those electric vehicles on Canadian roads would be a good thing. After all, just think all of that hydropower.

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