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While there has certainly been a variety of amphibious vehicles developed over the years, arguably they've all been less than stunning successes. Yet New Zealand entrepreneur Alan Gibbs is not in the least bit daunted, and his Gibbs Technologies is going full-speed-ahead on the development of the Gibbs Quadski, which is described by the company as being the “world's first high-speed, power-sports amphiquad.”

The company claims that it has some 60 patents related to high-speed amphibious technologies; in addition to which, it says that it has developed expertise in the following areas: hydrodynamics, retracting suspension, water jet technology, drive line applications, cooling, air-water separation, hull design, handling, steering, electrical/electronic, homologation, and ergonomics.

How serious are they? Well, they're not only in the process of building advanced prototypes of the Quadski for testing this summer, but they plan on having production of the vehicles—that can get up to a claimed 45 mph on both land and water—by next year. Q


What's more, according to Neil Jenkins, chairman of the company, they're in the process of hiring up to 100 new salaried and hourly employees within the next 12 months. “We are interviewing candidates for several senior management positions in manufacturing and sales and marketing, as well,” he said.

Sounds serious to us. You can get info on the job openings by clicking here.