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Cars Without Coffee: Chris Chapman’s Alfa

Because people aren’t going out for Cars and Coffee, we’ll bring the cars to you. You make your own coffee. First in a series.
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Chapman Alfa

What It Is: 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

Why It Is Cool: “It’s cool because with the window down at 40 mph in 3rd gear, that aluminum block, double-overhead cam engine reminds me that all is right in the world.”— Chris Chapman


On a weekly basis across the country, on Saturday mornings, parking lots of coffee shops, restaurants, diners, and even office parks are full of some of the most incredible cars on the planet, as auto enthusiasts come together to bond with one another through their love of amazing sheet metal.

But as a consequence of COVID-19, Cars and Coffee events are being put on hold.

So we’ve decided that we would try to bring some of what you might see on the asphalt onto your screens on as regular basis as we can.

Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman and the Hyundai Kona. (Yes, that picture was taken in Hawaii, just north of Kona.) (Image: Hyundai)

We’ve reached out to our friends in the auto industry and asked them to provide a photo of something that they have in their garage. And simply asked them to describe why they think it is cool.

So here is the first of many. It is from our friend Chris Chapman, senior chief designer, Hyundai Design North America.

And if you want to join in, please let us know.


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