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If you spend time talking to people in this industry you discover that for most people it isn’t just a job but something of a passion, a passion that was ignited early on.

In the case of Megan Closset, it began when she was 16 and she fell in love with the (at the time) new Jetta.

Her dad surprised her with her “dream car,” a 2000 Jetta GLS VR6. Yes, with a five-speed manual.

Closset started her car career selling Volkswagens at Jim Ellis Volkswagen in Atlanta in 2005.

Megan Closset

Volkswagen of America’s Megan Closset: “A lifelong Volkswagen fan.” And she works there, too. (Images: VoA)

In 2008 she joined Volkswagen of America as a Product and Sales Trainer for the Volkswagen Academy.

She was named Product Manager for the Golf family in 2016, a position she continues to hold.

Today she has three VWs in her garage. The latest is a 2002 Cabrio GLX. Yes, with a manual.

For Closset, Fahrvergnügen is still something that resonates.


Closset R32

What it is: 2004 Deep Blue Pearl Golf R32.

Why it’s cool: I’ve owned this particular R32 for almost three years, and he brings the biggest smile to my face. I love this car for its narrow-angle VR6 engine and its signature exhaust snarl (stock!). I love the deeply-bolstered König seats, the thick sport steering wheel, and the unique features of this car which are unique to these 5000 units and never found on any other VW. I adore the pure driving experience of this car and the smiles it coaxes from onlookers everywhere we go.

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