11/16/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Charming and Electric

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A look of days of yore. . .for the future of deliveries


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Morris Commercial JE

(Images: Morris Commercial)

If you were wandering through a village somewhere in the British countryside and saw a vehicle like the one above, you might think something along the lines of, “Blimey! What a well-preserved Morris J-type, a vehicle that came out in 1949 and had a production run until 1961.” (OK, you wouldn’t have included that last clause, but we’re advancing the story here.)

Then you’d think to yourself that it is really rather quiet, not the sort of thing that one would expect from a 1476-cc four-banger.

Morris Commercial JE


Yes, this vehicle is a Morris. Yes, it closely resembles the J-type. No, it doesn’t have a four-cylinder engine.

It is the Morris JE van from Morris Commercial. An electric vehicle.

Morris Commerical JE


Yes, it is charming. But it is also capable. According to the company, this light commercial vehicle has a 1,000 kg (a.k.a., 2,200 lb.) payload and a 5.5-cubic meter (194-cubic foot) cargo capacity. It has full-width rear doors and a sliding side door.

The vehicle features a modular chassis and a carbon-fiber body. It uses a lithium-ion battery pack that is anticipated to provide a range of 200 miles.

Production is expected to begin in late 2021, with an estimated price of £60,000.

Morris Commercial Ltd. is located in Hinton-on-the-Green, which certainly sounds like a charming locale.


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