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Chevy & CNG

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Compressed natural gas (CNG) utilization is increasing for trucks in the U.S.

Or at least availability is.

Last week we wrote about what Ford is doing with CNG.


Chevrolet has announced that it is expanding its CNG lineup in an interesting way.

It is offering the 2016 Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab as a bi-fuel vehicle.

This means that the vehicle can operate on both CNG and gasoline. There is a 24.5-gallon CNG tank and there is a 23.5-gallon gasoline tank.

Notably, the major components associated with the CNG system, in addition to carrying the factory warranty, have GM service part numbers associated with them, which means that they can be ordered from Chevy’s extensive dealer network.


The CNG tank plumbing

The Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab isn’t Chevy’s only bi-fuel-available offering. Chevy also offers the bi-fuel Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD and the dedicated CNG full-size Chevrolet Express and vans.

According to Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, GM Fleet & Commercial, “CNG burns cleaner and costs less at the pump than gasoline, making it an appealing option for fleets.”

It’s probably that “costs less” part that has the most resonance with the fleet owners.

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