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Christmas Shopping Made Simple

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Sure, Christmas may seem as though it isn’t for a long, long time, but if you’ve been to a department store of late, you may have seen the decorations stocked.

So with that in mind, we’d like to recommend that you check out these two calendars for the auto enthusiasts on your Christmas list.


“CAN-AM 2013 Unchained Aero” not only includes photos taken by Pete Lyons, but also commentary regarding what the images show. The car on the front of this calendar is the Chaparral 2G with Jim Hall behind the wheel at the Riverside track in 1968. Clearly, Hall revolutionized aero in the Canadian-American Challenge Cup series, as other photos for other months show (e.g., Ferrari, which is March; McLaren, April). Interestingly, Jim Hall went away from giant wings to a car with a second engine and a system of articulated plastic skirts to help lower air pressure under the car, the Chaparral 2J Ground Effect Vehicle (shown in June).

For fans of classic Formula One cars, there’s this, “Classic Formula One” (OK, the name is a bit unimaginative, but the photos are anything but):


The photos in this 13-month calendar (it starts in December 2012, so you can jump the gun on Christmas) are taken by Bernard and Paul-Henri Cahier.

The cover shot is of Mario Andretti at the 1978 Monaco Grand Prix in a Lotus 79.

Fangio, Clark, Hill, Fittipaldi—this is really a magnificent collection of photos. The problem that one might have with the calendar is that a particular photo might be a favorite (mine is an overhead shot of Niki Lauda at the ’84 Brazilian Grand Prix in a McLaren MP4/2, which is the photo for October) and there would be a reluctance to turn the page. Which in my case would make seeing November problematic.

You can get these calendars directly from the publisher, Octane Press. (Which also happens to publish a book by our friend, Peter DeLorenzo, the Autoextremist, Witch Hunt, so if you haven’t bought a copy for yourself or family or friends. . . .)

Do it before Christmas. You won’t regret it.