| 4:06 PM EST

Coolant Pumps Save Fuel for Heavy Trucks

Pumps help reduce emissions, minimalize noise and require no periodic maintenance.


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Behr’s (behrgroup.com) Visco diesel engine coolant pumps are now available on heavy trucks in North America, offering up to 1% in fuel savings per year. 

The patented Visco technology, which debuted in Europe in 2011, reduces power losses by electronically controlling coolant-pump speeds based on engine requirements and operating conditions. The control logic of the variable-speed clutch operation allows for precise coolant flow rates, thereby reducing power losses that hinder fuel economy. 

The pumps also help reduce emissions, minimize noise and require no periodic maintenance since they are built for the life of the vehicle. 

By 2015, Behr estimates 60,000 heavy-duty trucks in the United States will have Visco coolant pumps.

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