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Dürr Heats the Inside for a Better Exterior Finish

The first application of the EcoInCure oven will be in a new paint shop that Dürr is building for ŠKODA in the Czech Republic.
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Although you might think of getting a high-quality exterior paint surface on a vehicle is all about the exterior surface, according to Dürr Group (durr.com), the interior surfaces of the body are important, and the technology that they’ve developed, called EcoInCure, will be deployed for the first time at the ŠKODA Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, plant in June 2019.

According to Dürr, the EcoInCure oven is equipped with nozzles that direct hot air into the inside of a vehicle body via the windshield opening. This heating allows the paint that’s applied to the exterior to have high quality and consistency across the surfaces. In addition to which, the amount of electrical energy required for heating is reduced by 25 percent and the ability to regulate the drying temperature is more precise than is otherwise the case.

Dürr is providing the paint shop for the ŠKODA plant—not only the equipment, but the building and even the MES system software that’s used to monitor the operations (iTAC.MES.Suite).

Pretreatment and electrocoating of the bodies will be performed by the Rodip E rotational dip process. Then all coatings—from the base coat to the clear coat—are applied with EcoRP third-generation robots. There are 61 in all.

Exterior painting will be handled by the EcoRP E043i, which is said to be the first painting robot where the seventh axis is integrated into the robot’s kinematics; interior painting stations use the six-axis EcoRP L133i.

For application, the robots are equipped with the EcoBell3 atomizer series and the EcoBell Cleaner D2 and the EcoLCC2 color changer.

Sealing of gaps and seams will be performed by 19 EcoRS sealing robots that will be equipped with the EcoGun2 3D or, for dealing with hem flanges on doors and hoods, special nozzles.

And there is the EcoDryScrubber, a dry separation system with a limestone powder buffer, that handles overspray.

The paint shop is being setup to handle 30 jobs per hour.

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