| 4:40 PM EST

Dark for Light

The VRX 2018, developed by OPTIS, is specifically designed for the development of advanced lighting systems.


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Although this image is fairly dark, that’s because it is showing the driving simulator, the VRX 2018, developed by OPTIS (optis-world.com) that’s specifically designed for the development of advanced lighting systems, including AFS, ADB matrix beam and pixel beam. Explains Nicolas Orand, Product Development director at OPTIS, “With VRX 2018, OEMs can deliver highly qualitative and smart lighting, adapted to all conditions, for their customers and everyone on the road. Testing lighting systems virtually and adding control logic features results in a safer end product, which builds on a brand’s reputation for safety and high quality, as well as significantly reducing time to market.” The system allows assessing the lighting system against the IIHS (iihs.org) standards—and given that in order to receive a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the organization, headlights are assessed in addition to crashworthiness, so that is a key consideration for lighting execution.

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